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Halifax PPI Claims


Halifax PPI claim form

Any one who was self employed at the time they took out a Halifax PPI policy or ho was out of work, should check whether, like most policies, the policy includes cover for unemployment. If it does cover one of these situations then of course it means that this part of the insurance is effectively worthless because you are being covered for something that will never happen and so you should make a Halifax PPI claim.


Many people have made succesful Halifax PPI claims. The Halifax Building Society served the people of Yorkshire since it was formed in 1853. It grew to be a nationwide concern and in the early 20th century was the largest building society in the UK. In 1997 it demutualised and something of the mutual ethos that had survived from Victorian times was lost. The Halifax was taken over by Bank of Scotland as part of HBOS which itself is part of the Lloyds Group.

If you wish to claim for PPI for a mis-sold policy by the Halifax you send your Halifax PPI claim form to:

Halifax PPI Claims
PO Box 548

In your Halifax PPI claim form you should state the reason why you feel PPI was mis-sold to you. There are many potential reasons and every case is individual.