PPI Claims

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PPI Claims


PPI Claims for unemployed

Any one who was self employed at the time they took out PPI policy or ho was out of work, should check whether, like most policies, the policy includes cover for unemployment. If it does cover one of these situations then of course it means that this part of the insurance is effectively worthless because you are being covered for something that will never happen.


If the PPI salesamn didn't ask about your employment status when you first took out PPI or it was obvious that you were either not working or were self employed and then they still sold the policy to you anyway, it is very likely that you would have a case for claiming back the PPI premiums that you have paid out.

In addition lots of PPI policies include an upper age limit beyond which they will not pay out. So if you were too old to make a claim when you first took out the policy you almost certainly have a valid claim for as refund of your payments. If you passed the age threshold during the course of the policy then you can probably reclaim any premiums that you have paid since then.

if you want to make a PPI claim you can gett a PPI claim form from the financial ombudsman.