Claim FormPPI Claims - Printable Template

PPI Claim Form Template for unemployed/retired/self employed etc

Making a PPI claim is very simple and you don't need a complicated procedure to make your claim. First you need to get hold of your account details and the contact details of the PPI /loan provider. There is no prescribed wording that you have to use to make your claim. However some people find it easier to use a pre-written template form rather than have to write a letter from scratch and are worried they may not include all the information needed. All you need to do is copy and paste our template claim form letter below into a Word document, amend it where indicated and then print and then send it off by recorded delivery to your card/loan provider. You should recieve an acknowledgement of your claim within a few days and a decision on your claim should be made within eight weeks of the provider receiving your claim.


[Your Address here]

[Current Date here]

[Name and address of the bank/building society /credit card provider/PPI provider here]

Dear Sirs,

Account number: [Put your account number here]

I am contacting you about the above-mentioned payment protection (PPI) policy which I believe was mis-sold to me.

At the time of taking out the policy I was [or knew I would soon be] [unemployed/self-employed/retired/over the age limit] and was not told that under these circumstances I would not be covered by the policy [You can add further information here if required]

Unless you can prove that the policy was fair and reasonable and that I was treated fairly when I was sold the PPI insurance, I am writing to claim a full refund of all premiums, and all subsequent interest on these payments that I have paid to you in connection with this policy. I also claim 8% interest to be added to each payment I have made as this is the statutory amount a court would pay.

I look forward to your full and prompt response to this letter. If you have not settled the matter within eight weeks of this letter I shall be contacting the Financial Ombudsman to investigate my complaint.

Yours faithfully,

[Your signature goes here]

[Your full name goes here]

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