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Have I Got PPI?

Almost everyone has heard now about PPI mis-selling but not everyone knows if they have or had PPI. PPI is usually associated with a loan , mortgage , credit card or credit agreement where an extra fee was payable for payment protection insurance to cover eventualities where you may not have been able to make the regular repayments. Such eventualities would be for instance ill health, losing your job etc. So far so good - PPI seems a good thing to have!

Checklist for PPI Claim

If PPI was included in your loan or card agreement without you knowing

If you thought PPI was mandatory

If it was unsuitable for your circumstances

If you were put under unreasonable pressure

DON'T DELAY - PPI Claim Form Download

The problem for the bank and other institutions who sold this PPI is that they did not always follow the correct procedures when selling PPI. For instance many people found that they could not make a PPI claim under the policy because they already had an existing medical complaint. For others they were not even told that PPI had been included in their payments or were told that PPI was mandatory.

Check out this video about PPI claims:


How do I know if I have got PPI?

The easiest thing is to look back through the paperwork to find out. look back through the forms that you signed when you took out your loan or credit agreemetn and see if there is any reference to PPI.

Using PPI Claims Companies - have I got PPI?

Using a PPI claim company such as haveigotppi.com can certainly make the job simpler. They simply write to all the finance companies on your behalf. You don't need to even know the dates of your loans. Simply fill in your name address and phone number at haveigotppi.com and they will contact you to take you through the next steps.


It is ESSENTIAL that you realise though that if you get a claims company such as Have I Got PPI to process your claim, that they will take a substantial cut of what you are owed. You will almost certainly end up with more money by processing your claim yourself