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Tesco Bank PPI Claim Form

You don't need to get a claims company to make your claim for you. If you think you have a claim for how your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy was sold by Tesco, it's easy to make a PPI claim to Tesco bank yourself - if you get a claims company to do the job for you they may charge an upfront fee or take a proportion of any compensation due to you. Like all providers Tesco Bank will deal with you equally as an individual as if you use a PPI claim manager. You can use a Tesco PPI claim form to make your claim

Making a valid Tesco PPI Claim

Tesco will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing.

There is no need to use a Claims Management Company or a solicitor to make your complaint. Claims management companies and solicitors are likely to charge you a fee for their services. If you contact us directly we will assess your complaint in exactly the same way and timescale that Tesco will treat complaints sent in by a Claims Management Company or a solicitor and you won‘t be charged any fees by Tesco. If you do use a Claims Management Company, you should check that they are authorised.

If you are unsure whether you had Tesco Bank PPI, you can contact us by phone or in writing to check if you have ever held Tesco Bank PPI download. Tesco Payment Protection Insurance was only sold under the Tesco Bank and Tesco Personal Finance brands.

Tesco PPI claims address:

Tesco Bank, PPI Claims, PO BOX 346, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 2GH