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Skipton PPI Claim Form

You don't need to get a claims company to make your claim for you. If you think you have a claim for how your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Policy was sold by Skipton Building Society, it's easy to make a PPI claim to Skipton yourself using a standard PPI claim form - if you get a claims company to do the job for you they may charge an upfront fee or take a proportion of any compensation due to you. Skipton agree to deal with all individual claimants on the same basis as those claims made by a PPI claims company.

Reasons why people may have a valid Skipton PPI Claim

If any of the following apply you may have a valid claim:

- You did not know PPI was optionalwith your product
- PPI was added to the loan by Skipton without your knowledge
- Your employemnt status at the time meant you were ineligible for benefits under the scheme
- Your health at the time made you ineligble or benefits under the scheme
- You were put under undue pressure by Skipton's representative to sign up to PPI

If any of thabove apply then you shopuld gather together all the information you have about your PPI and then complete a Skipton PPI claim form download and send it by registered post to their address:

Skipton Building Society PPI Claims Office
The Bailey
North Yorkshire
BD23 1DB

Skipton building society was one of the few Yorkshire building societies that has managed to avoid the pitfalls of privatisation as well as to avoid too much exposure to the financial crisis of 2008. As such the Skipton is still in business and took over the Scarborough building society following that building society’s financial problems. You can contact Skipton about Scarborough Building Society PPI claims.