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Bank of Scotland PPI Claims Form

BoS have had to pay out to many customers and former customers PPI refunds because of failures in their PPI selling practices. Staff were often either under-trained or stepped outside the guidelines that were in place. If you were a Bank of Scotland customer you too may be entitled to a refund if you think that you were a victim of PPI mis-selling. It has become clear that many policies were sold by Bank of Scotland staff who had not been sufficiently trained or advised as to how to sell their PPI policies.

Bank of Scotland PPI claims

To decide if you have a claim you might consider if any of the following apply to you?

- You were not told by Bank of Scotland that PPI was optional in your loan or card agreement
- You were put under pressure to sign up to the PPI agreement
- PPI was added by Bank of Scotland to the loan or card agreement without you realising
- You were unemployed or self employed at the time or you knew that you soon would be
- Your health at the time of signing up made you ineligble for the benefits of the Bank of Scotland PPI policy

Bank of Scotland PPI Claims address

Customer Relations
PO Box 548

Download your free Bank of Scotland PPI Claim Form to kick start your claim today and send it by registered post to the address above. Keep a copy of your claim form and any other correspondence that you send. You should receive an acknowledgement of your claim within two to three weeks and your complaint should be processed and the result notified to you within 8 weeks. If you have not heard anything about your Bank of Scotland PPI claim by then, you should contact them again.