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PPI Claim Form

Payment protection insurance, (also known as PPI) is an insurance product that is often designed to cover a debt such as loan or credit card that is currently outstanding. This debt is typically in the form of a loan or an overdraft, and is most widely sold by banks, building societies and other credit providers as an add-on to the loan or overdraft product. PPI typically covers the borrower against risks such as an accident, sickness, unemployment or death, or any other circumstances that may prevent them from earning a salary/wage which they will need to pay the debt.

Reasons you may have a valid PPI claim

If PPI was included in your loan or card agreement without you knowing

If you thought PPI was mandatory

If it was unsuitable for your circumstances

If you were put under unreasonable pressure

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PPI usually covers payments for a fixed period which should be the same as the length of the loan. If not after this point the borrower must find other means to repay the debt, though the period covered by insurance is typically long enough for most people to start working again and earn enough to service their debt. PPI is different from other types of insurance such as home insurance, in that it can be quite difficult to determine if it is right for a person or not. Careful assessment of what would happen if a person became unemployed would need to be considered, as payments in lieu of notice (for example) may render a claim ineligible despite the insured person being genuinely unemployed.

Using a PPI Claim form download for FREE

If you become unemployed for instance then you can claim against the PPI insurance to get your payments made. Similarly if you have to leave work due to illness. You need to check the paperwork carefully to see what you are covered for and then make a claim in accordance with the terms of your agreement.

Mis-sold PPI

In recent years many people have found that the PPI that they bought is inadequate - in fact it has been mis-sold. Such people are entitled to claim back PPI payments from their provider. This could apply if for instance you were already unemployed or knew that you would be shortly retiring and it was not explained to you that the PPI was not suitable in these circumstances.


We understand that you want to make sure you get all the PPI compensation that you are entitled to. For this reason we have a simple PPI claim form template for you to complete. Alternatively you can download the financial ombudsman PPI claim form questionnaire.

PPI Claim deadline date

People making a claim for compensation for the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) have until 29 August 2019 to make a claim according to announcement by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A two-year public awareness campaign has been launched in the run-up to its deadline as the regulator attempts to "draw a line" under the scandal. Many consumer champions are unhappywith this PPI claims deadline suggesting that it will lead to more pressure selling from PPI claims companies such as unsolicited phone calls and texts and that there still may be some people after the deadline who would have a valid claim but who have not taken action.